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Founded from the family tradition and passion for the field of Pharmacy, Medicine of the founders. Since our establishment, we have determined that the goal of the business is to create the best pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and health care products, improving the quality of life for people.
The production process with extremely strict control of input materials, medicinal herbs are supplied from GACP – WHO growing areas, combined with modern production lines at standard factories: GMP, CGMP , ISO .. has launched products that meet the standards of hygiene and safety and the best quality.


With herbs and Vietnamese folk medicines, the company has treatment methods such as: drinking, applying, rubbing, steaming, spraying, sucking, plastering and “internal and external moisture”…


1) Co-production – distribution of medicinal products, health foods, cosmetics and food supplements for the purpose of disease prevention.
2) Cooperation in treatment and production of herbal medicinal products with domestic and foreign hospitals, organizations and medical establishments.
3) Selling and supplying herbal essences according to traditional methods for the production of drugs, cosmetics, health food or equivalent.
4) Participating in scientific topics on herbal medicine.
5) Receive transfer of esoteric healing methods from Vietnamese herbs.
6) Cooperate with foreign and domestic organizations, transfer
technology, promoting Vietnamese medicine.
7) Charity healing and cooperation with charities, free medical treatment and difficult treatment at the request of organizations and individual patients.


1) Diseases of the skin, muscles, hair, beard, hair, face such as:
Cracked skin, bleeding, yellow skin, hair loss, no eyebrows, eyebrow bone pain, face acne, melasma, acne around the mouth, dengue fever, chickenpox, shingles, typhus, malaria , bad breath, sour…
2) Diseases of muscles, bones and joints.
Joint pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, pain in limbs, atrophy of the legs, atrophy of the hands and feet, paralysis, paralysis, swelling, pain, swelling, trauma, tuberculosis, lumps, lymph nodes, gout, venous edema.
3) Diseases of the internal organs, heart, lungs, lungs, spleen, liver, kidney, stomach, digestive, reproductive, qi and blood vessels, heart attack, heart failure, ABC liver disease, ascites, heart failure kidney, stomach pain, cough, asthma, lung disease, pulmonary embolism, urinary incontinence, pertussis, diphtheria, nocturia, urinary incontinence, internal hemorrhoids – in addition to fresh blood, colorectal, tuberculosis cough , defecation of apples and liquid, dry vomiting, reflux of thick skin, indigestion.
4) Diseases of the nose, mouth, ears, eyes and other senses, sinuses, mouth sores, gums and tongue, painful teeth, bleeding, shaking, nearsightedness, eyes not seeing light, headache, inflammation uvea eyes, nose growing flesh, nose bleed, tinnitus ears, deafness, muteness, loss of voice, choking throat, headache, dreams of ghosts, nightmares.
5) Neuropathy, madness, mania, depression, autism, stupidity, epilepsy, chronic headache, addiction, thunderous ringing in the ears.
6) Endocrine diseases and causes of exhaustion.
Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, male and female endocrine, fertility, memory loss, brain atrophy,
7) Group of other diseases and drug-resistant diseases.